No More Petroleum Jelly on the Skin!

A lot of people use the Vaseline to make skin softer. This is a mix of fatty items and they are byproducts of oil industry. The common name is Vaseline and besides softening skin there are no other reasons to use it more. Items with Vaseline contaminate you and meddle with the estrogen so they might make cancer!

The good news is much safer methods than this, so skip the Vaseline.

Natural items are shea butter, coconut oil, jojoba oil, almond too that are not refined. They have healthy items that make skin nourished and softer. And some of them are used in cooking too.

Read more to see why you need to skip Vaseline from now on.

What is the Vaseline?

The Vaseline has petroleum jelly that is refined of oil in ground. The chemist behind this said oilmen smeared residue of oil drills to treat wounds and skin issues. This residue is refined from dirt and there it is the petroleum jelly.

What this does to the skin?

Apart from being item in Vaseline, many items also have this jelly for keeping moisture in. it makes protection layer on the skin and is listed in beauty items like mineral oil, petrolatum, paraffin oil and liquid paraffin.

Having this layer in the skin seems ok, but it suffocates the skin. It makes issues worse like rosacea and acne since it keeps dirt and clogs pores.

Vaseline can soften the skin but has no other aims. The natural oils are much better and even remove bacteria and microbes.

Many promote the benefits of this for dry skin. Dr. Andrew Weil said all toxic items have to be removed from this jelly in the refining. Also the Dr. Alexa Kimball of Stanford Medical University Center said this jelly is great for moisture and makes no allergies.

But this does not mean petroleum items like Vaseline are safe all the way. Weil added Vaseline and other items are not good near nostrils since lung might get inflamed.


Dangers of petroleum jelly

To see if this jelly is safe, let us look in science more. Some reasons will convince you differently…

Contamination of body

One worry of using this jelly is that you cannot metabolize this. So items like Vaseline are not so great for the skin. Some studies even say this has toxic items that build up inside.

The Journal of women’s health said the hydrocarbons of cosmetics in mineral oils contaminate us. Experts said these items enter the skin and diet too. They get in the tissues and can be transferred with breast feeding. So avoid these cosmetics.

Estrogen is affected too

Items in this jelly also make more estrogen. Estrogen affects women’s reproductive system and makes breast changes too, mood changes and PMS severe.

The Journal of exposure science and environmental epidemiology said this affects estrogen surely. Estrogen was increased more in skin care items. This jelly has hydrocarbons and the levels vary from every producer. The worry is that this affects endocrine system too.

It might be carcinogenic too

Even worse is that petroleum base items might cause cancer.

The environmental working group EWG said many cosmetics with petroleum make cancer since they have the item 1.4 dioxane. This is seen in 22% of skin care items even baby soaps and lotion. This rates Vaseline as no carcinogen but is still suspicious. You have to choose wisely and avoid hazards.

A report of the Journal investigative dermatology said this carcinogen topic is linked to the effect of mineral oil too. Experts said this jelly did not have effect on growth of tumor but the mineral oil made tumors grow faster.

There is still controversy about rubbing Vaseline and whether it can make tumors or not. But, why risk it? go natural. Natural softens skin more and has no side effects.

Other Vaseline health issues

Another issue is that Vaseline and the jelly make protection barrier of some kind.

Risk of vaginosis

Doctors said that this jelly can make more risk of bacterial vaginosis or candidiasis.

The journal Obstetrics and Gynecology said women who use this jelly on vagina have 2 times more risk of these issues. Dr. Sten vermund from Global Health institute said this makes bad bacteria in the vagina. He added vaginal acidity is essential for vagina health.

Lipoid pneumonia too…

Another risk is also added about lipoid pneumonia. To inhale petroleum items for longer time may complicate things.

The journal of general internal medicine said this pneumonia happens when you use lip balm with mineral oil or petroleum in nose paths.


Maryland university said petroleum is poisonous and bad for the eyes.

Often, Vaseline is recommended since it is cheap but the skin is the biggest organ we have. No more cheap for the skin!

A study in the journal Dermatitis said coconut oil is safer and better for dry skin. It is antiseptic too and kills germs.

Vaseline alternatives from nature

To keep skin healthy see other natural items better than Vaseline.

Shea butter

This is great replacement for the Vaseline, it nourishes and hydrates. This butter is from nut growing on shea trees and needs no refining.

It has vitamins E and A and also fat acids that are good for the skin.

A review for this butter said it has cinnamic acid that removes bacteria, viruses, fungi and free radical damage too.

Studies said that long term use of it has no bad effects and is recommended.

This butter also helps in nasal congestion and is just like petroleum only healthier. The British journal of clinical pharmacology said this is just like nasal drops!

To see more of these benefits, see my text 12 benefits of shea butter for hair skin and health and see how to cure eczema, wrinkles and dryness. Also see how to use shea lip balm.

Coconut oil

For dryness of skin, also get virgin coconut oil to boost more skin collagen and remove bacteria.

Unlike the Vaseline, this keeps moisture locked and the lauric acid protects layers of the skin for more moisture.

A study in the Journal Pharmaceutical biology said coconut removes inflammation of skin and Is analgesic too. it is better than mineral oil for sure.

The Journal of cosmetic science said this also stops damaging of hair. The study said that this oil stops protein loss of the hair and keeps hair healthy.

Unlike petroleum items, coconut removes itching too and dryness, eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis as well.

Almond oil

The sweet oil of almond is better than mineral oil too. there are many ways to use it, but is best for skin nurturing. It has vitamin E and makes the skin healthier.

Studies said it removes inflammation and eczema too and makes skin younger and better.

This is gentle oil so it can be applied near the eyes skin too. no more Vaseline near the eyes, get almond oil and rub it near wrinkles on the face.

Jojoba oil

This also keeps moisture in. it is used for all skin types and also removes excess oil of skin.

Studies said this makes no allergies and can be used for every skin type. A 2009 study said jojoba is emollient and softens skin without greasiness. Another one said jojoba and glycerol mix gives 24 h hydration.

This removes skin damage and inflammation in wound healing.

Use this for moisture and removal of blemishes too.

Avocado oil

Stop with Vaseline and get this oil. It has oleic acid and a study of 2013 said it makes more skin collagen.  This makes less visible wrinkles and repairs wounds. It is good since it has oleic acid and good fats too. this oil cures many skin inflammations. The Journal dermatology said this and B12 mix is great for psoriasis. Also can be used long term for skin issues and has no side effects.

It is amazing for the skin! Cook with it too until smoking point. Some health benefits are reducing cholesterol, better heart and no arthritis.

Rosehip oil

This nourishes skin and hydrates it. The benefits are from the vitamins C, A, omega 3 and 9, fat acids and antioxidants.

Put it directly on skin for moisture and hydration. The benefit of this use was proven in 2015 and doctors then used this oil for healing wounds and prevention of scars forming. When applied it removed redness, swelling and such.

It can cure rosacea, psoriasis, stops sun damage and acne.

Cocoa butter

Amazing for moisture, as lip balm, anti-wrinkle cream too. it is tasty and has good fat acids for the skin. Massage it to prevent stretch marks.

The journal Nutrients said this butter has polyphenols for elasticity, collagen and toning. Also cures acne, psoriasis, skin cancer and wounds. Use it for wrinkles as well.

Honey, olive oil and beeswax

This wax removes itchiness, swelling, fungi and hemorrhoids.

A study compared beeswax, olive oil and honey and said they are superior to Vaseline for dermatitis. Also this mix cured psoriasis too

Conclusion – Vaseline or natural oils?

Many experts recommend Vaseline and petroleum items but studies say there are better options. Petroleum is not so healthy and good for the skin and studies proved this.

Many science studies said coconut oil, shea, cocoa butter, almond and jojoba oil, avocado oil are better than Vaseline. They have antioxidants, agents for inflammation, removal of microbes too and vitamins for healthy skin.




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